Past Event

Career Workshop | Effective Networking Communications - Session 2

October 30, 2019
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Lerner Hall - 510K Undergraduate Student Life Conference Room

Columbia Milvets is hosting a special workshop for Veterans who plan to transition to careers in the Private Sector after graduation.  The workshop will be led by Professor Harry Silver, who coaches students on how best to network with senior Private Sector managers. He will review an effective approach and provide illustrations that tailor communications to this audience, a group that can be influential in getting you to first-round screening and interviews.  Prior to his appointment as an Adjunct Senior Fellow at Columbia SIPA, Harry Silver was a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs and a Senior Advisor with the Department of Homeland Security.  (For additional profile information see  ) If you are able to commit to attending one of the two workshops: Oct. 29th 5pm to 6pm; Oct. 30th 5pm to 6pm; Both will take place at Alfred Lerner Hall – 510K Undergraduate Student Life Conference Room. Please only sign up for ONE of the two workshops.

Harry Silver has worked his entire career at Goldman and is picking 10 people to personally train. He will train you on your personal story, resume, mock interview and will even work with you until you find the right person from the bank you want to work at. He is phenomenal at making you successful!