The U.S. Military Veterans of Columbia University (Milvets) invite you to join our membership though this online registration system and mailing list.  While Milvets was established primarily as a support group and resource for military veterans, membership is currently open to all members of the Columbia University community who hold a valid UNI. Certain limitations apply, as some events and opportunities are designed for current veteran students. Please keep in mind that the mailing list and application form are two different forms. Filling out the application form does not automatically put you on the mailing list.

All information collected by the Milvets is strictly confidential and in accordance with the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.  Our database and electronic mailing list are never shared with third parties or other on campus organizations.

For more information, please contact us at


How To Join

Mailing List

This form is used for subscription to the Milvets' mailing list. Any members not receiving our emails or non-members who wish to support the Milvets are encouraged to sign up. The mailing list is currently the best way to stay up to date on upcoming events and opportunities from the Milvets community.


Application Form

This application form is used for official admission into the Milvets members website. Completion and approval of this form shall grant the applicant membership to the organization, access to the members section of the website, and a subscription to our mailing list. A DD-214 is not neccessary but some proof of service is encouraged.